This July, we have been celebrating Healthy Vision Month alongside the National Eye Institute as part of their “Eye Health is My Health” campaign.

We are proud to encourage healthy vision and support our customers with everything they need to keep their eyes protected. To wrap up Healthy Vision Month, we’ve compiled a source for all of the VE team’s tips, tricks, and trends from the month of July.

Check out our shareable infographic below and follow the links below to see more of the frames our team members highlighted this month:

If you want to learn more about the National Eye Institute and their mission for Healthy Vision Month, follow the links below to find more resources:

The National Eye Institute’s “More Than Meets the Eye 2020” invites you to see eye health from a new perspective, all year long:

Did you learn something this month that was particularly interesting? Have you and your team been practicing these tips all along? We’d love to hear from you about the ways that you protect your vision, especially if you have a favorite frame to do so!

Until next time, thank you from our family to yours.